In order to be eligible for Tax Free deliveries in France you must fulfill each of the following conditions

  • The Yacht must be commercially registered and on a commercial charter
  • The charter must not be a static charter, i.e. the Yacht must be putting to sea
  • The amount of Wine & Spirits purchased must be in line with the number of guests and length of charter.

The following documents will be required in order to be cleared by customs:

  • Yacht Registration Papers
  • The relevant Charter Agreement
  • The Passenger & Crew List for this Charter 

Please note a fee of approximately €200 euros is due to the Customs Agents and varies according to the value of the stock purchased.

  • Customs are open Mon-Fri during office hours. Any deliveries required outside these hours will incur a surcharge.  
  • Advance warning of 48 hours is required by us for Tax Free deliveries due to administrative requirements.
  • Customs reserve the right to board the Yacht at the time of delivery and false declarations could lead to potentially serious consequences.